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support us

Our existence as a school is solely based on your generosity. 

Help us provide access to education and make these children's dreams a reality.

100% of donations are sent to Ghana. 

No admin fees = direct impact.



$260 / year

 71c /

$21.66 / 

cost of an Oporto
Burger Meal

child receives

nutritious lunch

drinking water

books & 


health insurance





All amounts listed are in Australian Dollars.

How it works

Expression of Interest

Register your interest in our program and select gender preference of your child.

Sponsorship Confirmation

Once payment is received and t&c's have been accepted, you will receive our welcome package.


Receive biannual updates on your child and send them personalised messages. Please email us to begin communication process.

Change a life

Watch your child thrive with the opportunity to attend school in a secure environment and enjoy childhood. You have changed their future!



10 years old and at school for the first time.

His family is unable to afford his (and his brother's education). Before attending St Nic's, Emmanuel was bored and would just loiter around the beach, at risk of being trained as a fisherman rather than ever attending school. 

At the cost of 1 Oporto Burger meal, you can support children like Emmanuel for 1 month, saving them from child labour and helping to secure their future.



Provide a gift where it's needed most


yearly drinking

water 1 child

health insurance


1 child



monthly lunch

 1 child

curriculum & lesson books 

1 teacher



yearly book & stationery kit

1 child


monthly salary 

1 teacher


yearly toilet water, toilet paper & soap

yearly school internet & phone


yearly cooking water & gas 


A contribution of 1 gift can make a huge difference to the sustainability of St Nic's and these children's future.

make a donation

If child sponsorship or gifts are not your thing, please consider helping us to provide the missing pieces in our students' lives through a general donation.




collection drive

From time to time, we collect pre-loved clothing, books, learning materials and computers/phones. Check back here to see if we are actively collecting these items.

Please email us if you would like to arrange pick-up/drop off.

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