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Sponsoring a student not only covers the cost of their education, but changes their life and those close to them, forever. 

Our oldest students who we have educated for the past 5 years are already more literate than their parents. This tangible difference between generations is the key to launching a family out of poverty.


How much it costs








What is included

nutritious lunch

health insurance


drinking water


learning materials

safe environment


dental care

extra curricular

How it works

Expression of Interest

Register your interest in our program and select gender preference of the student.

Sponsorship Confirmation

Once payment is received and t&c's have been accepted, you will receive our welcome package.


Receive annual updates on the student and send them personalised messages. Please email us to begin communication process.

Change a life

Watch them thrive with the opportunity to attend school in a secure environment and enjoy childhood. You have changed their future!

Meet Emmanuel

10 years old and at school for
the first time.

Emmanuel's family were unable to afford his (and his 3 brothers' education).

Before attending St Nic's, Emmanuel was bored and would just loiter around the beach, at risk of being trained as a fisherman rather than ever attending school. 

At the cost of just $5 per week, you can support children like Emmanuel, saving them from child labour and helping to secure a reality where poverty does not exist.



St Nic's Ghana has grown from 15 students in 2018 to over 200 students in 2023. The range of classes has also expanded to now include Nursery, Kindergarten and Primary 1 - 6. This means approximately 150 families have benefited from their children receiving free education.


St Nic's Ghana is committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goal #4: Quality Education. It provides a holistic curriculum that is based off Ghana's national standards and supplements this with swimming and dance lessons, ICT training and female empowerment classes to prepare the students for a modern workforce.

Giving Back

St Nic's Ghana employs 14 local Ghanaian staff in positions ranging from teachers, cooks, school grounds keeper and bus driver. Paying decent salaries to members of the community not only benefits their families, but also boosts the local economy.

Collection Drive

From time to time, we collect pre-loved clothing, books, learning materials and computers/phones. Check back here to see if we are actively collecting these items.


Please email us if you would like to arrange pick-up/drop off.

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